Re- Man Inhumanity to Man, In Reference to Former Ag Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Kogi state House of Assembly, Rt Hon Emmanuel Omebije.

Re- Man Inhumanity to Man, In Reference to Former Ag Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Kogi state House of Assembly, Rt Hon Emmanuel Omebije.

Re- Man Inhumanity to Man, In Reference to Former Ag Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Kogi state House of Assembly, Rt Hon Emmanuel Omebije.

An independent investigation embarked upon by kogi consolidation for good governance to unearth the veracity, authenticity or otherwise of the purported allegation.

This group formed was found and has been existing since 2004 as an independent body.

Though, deleted an indicator of obvious insincerity and false accusations against the former speaker, Kogi state House of Assembly whose name was been dragged to the mud in a story published by Ourworldgist, an online and unpopular tabloid precisely on April 14, 2024.

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Ordinarily, the purported story filled with concocted lies wouldn’t have been dignified through any formal response, after confronting the publisher to letting him know the side of the former Speaker/deputy speaker’s story.

Infact, the case is already a dead horse as detailed investigation into the matter by “@Kogi Consolidation for Good Governance” interfaced with those directly involved and confirmed to be an attempt to blackmail the former speaker/deputy speaker, to drag his name to the mud.

The political event which occurred many years ago involving some political gladiators and supporters of former ruling party, the PDP was an obvious misplacement of the truth to soothe the whims and caprices of the planner, so as to attract needless sympathy from the general public.

Despite the celebrated acid attack that attracted the intervention of the lawmaker and the then state governor to the glaring of the public, the obvious misconstrued information and revelation recently to smear the already built image of the astute politician was discovered to be a deliberate attempt.

Investigations further revealed that the acid victim was actually needing more supports in view of the hardship prevalent in the country, and therefore decided to re-rope the good image of the former lawmaker.

An independent revelation involving some stakeholders during the period of the said event confirmed from a medical expert attached to the Government House, Dr Mathew Ibrahim whose contact is 08035797422, and Alhaji Muhammad pele zonal chairman then whose is 0805792224, also clarified the truth of the matter bereft of defending the former lawmaker.

Having realised this, the body went out of it’s way to investigate the matter and also found the former lawmaker not culpable in any way, as portrayed before the general public some weeks back.

We here by declared the entire saga as politically motivated, ill informed, ill timed capable of denigrating the good name already built for decades by the political leader.

For obvious damages, there is a control , as some other sources even went ahead to confirm from the former governor of such gigantic intervention in which he denied blatantly, stating that in which account will he attached such whopping amount for political patronage.

With this development, we here by decided to bring to the general public that the earlier insinuation against the former state lawmaker involving in a 120M succour scandal was unfounded, unestablished, mere fallacy to drag his name to the mud.

We won’t encourage him to seek redress as it was discovered to be a family issue, but we are using this opportunity to warn against the activities of help seekers not to go to an extent of running down a public officer who had scrambled and struggled to earn a place in the comity of public office both in the state , federal and international level.

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Rt Honorable Emmanuel Omebije was not in any way indicted against the deleted publication recently brought before t ihe public glare.

We hereby on behalf of the hapless publisher, the acid victim and it’s collaborators apologized to the former lawmaker/ Deputy Speaker, Ag Speaker , Kogi state House of Assembly, Rt Honorable Emmanuel Omebije.

Aku Solomon.
Protem Secretary.
Kogi Consolidation for Good Governance.

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