Tambawal: Steering NASS Beyond Silver Jubilee.

Sani Magaji Tambawal, Clerk to the National Assembly, CNA.

Tambawal: Steering NASS Beyond Silver Jubilee.


The roll call of Clerks to the National Assembly CNA’s coalesced to the current management of Sani Magaji Tambawal , the current helmsman who was positioned to have been in the service of the National Assembly for more than two decades, and rose to the top echelon to celebrate and commemorate the 25 year’s of uninterrupted democracy in the country.

The historic occasion which took place on the 29th of May, 2024 honored by Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was not a coincidence, but providence and dint of hard work by the current management under Sani Magaji Tambawal that hosted and organized the program.

Under his stewardship, he was able to bring on board past leadership and members of the fifth Senate to the current tenth Senate, House of Representatives in that order who trooped out in their numbers to celebrate the successful and first ever silver jubilee celebration by the country in recent time.

For Tambawal as the convener of the all important occasion that attracted both local and international dignitaries from all walks or life , a strong reminder of our democratic institution coordinated by the National Assembly management in conjunction with the leadership was the best thing that has happened to the country.

The maiden program, occasion and celebration organized to witness the thriving Nigerian democracy after 25 years, was a demonstration of leadership acumen , capacity and capabilities under the current management of Sani Magaji Tambawal as the Clerk to the National Assembly, CNA.

While attending the occasion, Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu commended the management of the National Assembly under the purview of Sani Magaji Tambawal for the foresight and thoughtfulness of not allowing the silver jubilee slip off just like that, without been celebrated.


While hosting President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other dignitaries, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives who co-hosted the epoch making occasion, that saw the presence of all serving members of the red and green chamber including former principal officers of the Assembly lauded the efforts at bringing to history the silver jubilee occasion.

The one day occasion did not hold without the commissioning of the new National Assembly Library complex built by the National Assembly to assist lawmakers in legislative research, development and advancement by the Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Having streamlined the policies and programs of the National Assembly management in accordance with the understanding of the Executive and Legislative synergy and cooperation, as partners in progress for the development of the country.

The commemoration of the silver jubilee organized by the current management of the National Assembly under the leadership of Sani Magaji Tambawal has portrayed Nigeria before the international communities, as ready to nurture Nigeria’s democracy many more decades to come.

It is obvious that the leadership acumen and dexterity of the current Clerk to the National Assembly CNA has significantly made a lot of history and records from the celebration of the silver jubilee.

For Sani Magaji Tambawal, the introduction of reforms, innovation and initiatives to the activities of the National Assembly goes beyond making laws and ensuring good policies and programs for the country, but introduction of modern and modest policies capable of creating archives for all its activities.

His disposition has demonstrated leadership experience and service desiring continuity in the facets of both National Assembly and National development.

The unbreakable records has also brought on board the need to celebrate any level of achievements, so as to continue to encourage other subsequent handlers.

The feat will also spur Nigeria’s President into considering unique service, hard work and dedication to duty as the bane for public service engagements and appointments.

Written BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF on yus.abubakar@gmail.com.

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