Those Calling For The Scrapping of DESOPADEC Are Enemies Of Progress —- Comr. Francis Obule, SSA Political to Delta Governor

Those Calling For The Scrapping of DESOPADEC Are Enemies Of Progress —-
Comr. Francis Obule, SSA Political to Delta Governor

By Wilson Macaulay.

Comrade Francis Obule ( JP) SSA to Delta State Governor On Political Matters has called on the State Governor, His Excellency , RT Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to disregard the malicious and evil minded calls on him by some questionable characters to scrap or shut down DESOPADEC without giving any substantive reasons that justifies such frivolous complains.

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The Senior Governor Aide who addressed newsmen in Warri stated that the idea is an evil scheme against the oil bearing communities, because DESOPADEC is the only Agency we can see now, that is closer to the people, after the death of Shell.

Briefing the media further,
in fervent defense of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Comrade Francis Obule , the Senior Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Political Matters, labeled those advocating for the scrapping of DESOPADEC as enemies of progress.

Obule, the pragmatic Justice of Peace, vehemently condemned any move aimed at shutting down the agency, asserting that such actions would be detrimental to the oil-bearing communities of Delta State.

Describing DESOPADEC as a vital lifeline for the people, Obule emphasized its crucial role in bridging the gap between the government and the grassroots, particularly in the wake of the demise of major oil corporations like Shell.

He highlighted DESOPADEC’s unparalleled proximity to the people and its tangible impact through various developmental projects across the
the 5 ethnic Nationalities in particular and the State in general.

Comrade Francis Obule explained that DESOPADEC is the only agency that remains closely connected to the needs of our communities, especially following the departure of major oil corporations,
so calling for the scrapping of such a strategic agency Will definitely jeopardize the progress and well-being of our people as encapsulated in the MORE Agenda.

Obule who expressed confidence and optimism showered more encomiums on the Agency performance efficiency , even as he dismissed the claims and insinuations that resources allocated to DESOPADEC should be distributed directly to communities, arguing that such a move would only sow seeds of discord and unrest.

Shedding more light on the relevance of having DESOPADEC as an interventionist agency of government, the Senior Gov. Aide emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability in Delta State, cautioning against any action that could potentially ignite crisis.

“We must not allow DESOPADEC to suffer the same fate as Shell, DSC, and OMPADEC,” Obule warned.

According to him ,those who are calling for the scrapping are enemies of progress, seeking to undermine the prosperity and development of our dear State.

Continuing, he observed:” l call on the general public and urge all relevant stakeholders to ignore any call made for the scraping of DESOPADEC because it will not do us any good.”

For example, he clarified saying: “lf the money should be given to the communities to share, that’s another invitation to anarchy,a sure way of causing crisis everywhere. We don’t need crisis in Delta state, what we need is peace, he said.”

With emphasis he posited: ” As we speak today DESOPADEC is working, I, can tell you that of a truth DESOPADEC projects are there for you to see, please don’t condemn DESOPADEC for your own selfish interest, just because you don’t get what you want, then you will now come out to condemn what’s good.”

He boasted that he can take any doubting Thomas round the 5, Ethnic Nationalities to show them projects done by DESOPADEC, adding that it is wrong to incite the public against DESOPADEC.

He opined that the only thing DESOPADEC need now is more attention from the government to enable it received more funding to give room to ease of doing business with the Commission so that contractors can smile home, after completing their various projects.

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Even though opinions appears to be divided over the future of DESOPADEC, Obule’s staunch defense underscores the agency’s significance in the socio-economic landscape of Delta State. The truth remains that DESOPAFEC is serving as a rallying point for unity and collective service to preserve and strengthen the MORE Agenda of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

Comrade Francis Obule in his summation maintained that our germane and laudable institution, called DESOPADEC should be left alone for the benefit of the Government and good people of Delta State

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