Abdullahi Mustapha; Harnessing NABDA Potentials To Boost Food Security in Nigeria.

Abdullahi Mustapha, the Director General, National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA

Abdullahi Mustapha; Harnessing NABDA Potentials To Boost Food Security in Nigeria.


No doubt, the appointment of Professor Abdullahi Mustapha as the Director General, National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA has doused the crises of succession and leadership of the agency, the erudite scholar not long on the mantle of leadership turned what was supposed to be the glaring shortcomings of the research agency into opportunities.

Since his assumption of duty few years down the line, aside the major reorganisation and administrative reengineering, he has refocused the agency into a tool for advocacy, awareness and collaborations both to local , subsistence and mechanized farmers across the country, on the need to embrace farming as a tool towards economic development and self reliant.


This was a fallout of the recent awareness program organised by the agency enlightening Nigerians to use the current farming season/ raining season to go back to farm to ensure bumper harvest, deploying both modern and traditional mode of application that will ensure bumper harvest.

With the National Biotechnology Development Agency NABDA on the drivers seat, no doubt the application of both modest , modern and genetically modified equipment in both the production, preservation and application of all sorts of seeds, fruits, among many other consumables and farming items, could be harnessed in large quantities, using the potentials and accessing the wealth of experience of the biotechnology agency’s experts.

The agency , aside been strategically placed as a research institute, the current management had advanced its scope of operation into advisory and guidance to Nigeria farmers, geared towards mitigating drought, but simultaneously creating an enabling environment were by all parts of the country will embrace its most preferred mode of farming, to reduce to the barest minimum high cost of living, through yearly bumper harvest.

The positive development powered under the leadership of Professor Abdullahi Mustapha will be an encouragement to both traditional and conventional farmers on the need to consolidate both subsistence and mechanized farming, as well as served as a veritable tool towards promoting agriculture and it’s activities across the country.

Adopting such a proactive measure using both traditional/ local and modern/ modest approach will not only address the negative trend the country’s hardship had attained within the few months, but create a leeway into providing more succour to ordinary Nigerians in terms of cost of living.

With the new initiatives and administrative wisdom, no doubt the leadership under Professor Abdullahi Mustapha has transformed the entire length and breath of the research agency, with a view to delivering on its mandate.


All hands must be on deck to continue to support the people oriented leadership of Professor Abdullahi Mustapha towards reactivating the basic activities of the agency and by extension the advocacies approach.

With the policy framework already gaining momentum, the research outfit will no doubt continue to play a leading role using the technologically based template to advance its programs.

Written BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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