Asue Ighodalo: The man i want as the governor of Edo State

Asue Ighodalo, former Chairman of Sterling Bank Plc.

Asue Ighodalo: The man i want as the governor of Edo State

By Oshioke Audu.

When I worked in a factory there in Okpella, the only bank there had to be closed because well armed robbers use to visit like every two weeks to collect their money and any security man that formed gallant was sent 6 feet to his grave. So the bank was closed and staffs shifted to Auchi.


Then the attention of these dare-devil armed robbers moved to Auchi. I think that was one of the reasons Bank PHB (known as Keystone now) had to relocate to Ekpoma.

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Sometimes I wonder at the depth of ignorance by supposedly educated folks on why Dr Asue Ighodalo was not able to bring Sterling Bank is to his village. A bank is not like setting up a grinding machine business. The location of a bank has to be Bankable!


Let’s start with client base!


His village is Ewohimi, which is relatively rural, much big businesses are not there. I dont think subsistence farmers or petty traders to save in banks. Banks are clustered in certain locations because of educational Institutions located in that environment like Ekpoma.


You also have to meet the requirements of the Regulators like CBN and NDIC. Then security and safety of staff, as well as properties must be considered. And infrastructure – apart from roads, one can’t expect a bank to run 24/7 on generators. These are just a few considerations.


So let’s not become so petty in the name of politics when better issues are there to debate on.

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Barr Asue Ighodalo has done exceptionally well in the corporate world and one good quality of a leader is making objective decisions. Those expecting him to be biased or emotionally immature as to use sentiments to bring a bank to his village should be reasonable. I expect him to be that decisive as governor! This is the sort of man I want to lead Edo state for the next 4 years.

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