Gov Alia Values his Personal pleasures over safety of Benue people

Governor of Benue State Hyacinth Alia and some of his aidies

Gov Alia Values his Personal pleasures over safety of Benue people

By Peter Shankurah.

The Governor of Benue State Hyacinth Alia is currently on a jamboree to the United States with a very large delegation made up of his appointees and friends all at the expense of the suffering people of his state.

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Governor Alia who made a show of his trip by taking pictures at the airport which were posted on social media is in Washington DC with his large entourage in the guise of making a presentation at an event he has co-sponsored with Benue’s resources.

On the day that the governor was to fly to Washington, the people of Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State were on the Makurdi-Naka road protesting against the gruesome murder of not less than 28 persons in three communities of the area by armed Fulani herdsmen.

The protesters were calling on Governor Hyacinth Alia to ensure total enforcement of the Benue anti-open grazing law to stop the attacks.

The herders had last Saturday, murdered six members of Benue State Community Volunteer Guards and Livestock Guards around Mbakunwande village of Gwer West and on Sunday killed 16 more people at Gyaruwa community and again on Monday, slaughtered six more in villages along Adoka-Naka road.

The marauders also took several others hostage.

The bloody attacks prompted the outcry by the people of the area with the protesters bearing placards calling on the federal government to save them from the marauding herdsmen.

Governor Alia ignored the protesters and boarded the plane to travel out for his maximum pleasure. He didn’t even bother to send words of sympathy to families of the victims.

Governor Alia has abandoned Benue people to their deaths. As far as he is enjoying himself, the people do not matter. He shows no empathy nor sympathy.

Some days ago, the wife of his fellow 2023 APC governorship aspirant, Terwase Orbunde was kidnapped alongside their maid but Alia did not even call Orbunde to show concern and has not called the former Chief of Staff till now. As far as he is concerned, Orbunde is on his own.

Governor Alia’s attitude towards the ongoing insecurity in Benue State has confirmed the allegation that Fulani elites including some northern governors raised about N7 billion with which they supported his 2023 election campaign.

This is why he is mute and can never blame Fulani herdsmen of being responsible for the attacks on Benue people.

Since he traveled to Sokoto and met with the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar whom he fondly called his daddy, he has not said anything against the crimes being committed by the herders in Benue State.

Even the 14-day ultimatum his government issued to the herders to leave the state, he has abandoned the order for fear that his sponsors will demand for a refund of the N7 billion campaign funds.

http://The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) will today arraign a former governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Adoza Bello before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja.

Alia is now the mouthpiece for Fulani herders. He shields them from blame and defends them against any accusation. Nomadic Fulani do no wrong in the eyes of Hyacinth Alia. He says the herders only react when their cattle are rustled and he also says his people are the cattle rustlers. Each time Alia accuses his people of stealing Fulani cattle, the Caliphate calls to commend him for a good job. He has also abandoned the enforcement of the anti open grazing law of Benue State.

Benue people are into a long night. Only God can save our people from a nonchalant governor who puts his personal interest and pleasures above the safety and interests of his people.

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