Mamman Ahmadu; Consolidating Reforms, Regulations and Enforcement At BPP.

Mamman Ahmadu, the helmsman of Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP

Mamman Ahmadu; Consolidating Reforms, Regulations and Enforcement At BPP.


In recent times, the fear of Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP is the beginning of wisdom, particularly in the conduct of government businesses that has to do with procurement procedures across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDA’s.

Under the leadership of an erudite surveyor, Mamman Ahmadu has deployed his wealth of experience both on the field and administrative acumen to the management and ongoing reforms in the department thqt ensured transparency and accountability.

As a department of government overseeing the activities of other departments, the onus lies on the leadership to superintend on not only reforms, but regulatory framework to instill not only sanity , but enforcement with a view to ensuring total sanity in government procurement process and procedures.

For Mamman Ahmadu, the issue of the ongoing reforms, regulations and enforcement will not be compromise on the altar of probity, effectiveness and efficiency in the public service.

In line with the act establishing the Bureau, the expected oversight mandate, annual clearance and supervision expected of BPP on government Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDA’s ought to be carried out on annual basis, with evidence of status advised by the Bureau.

It is no longer business as usual since the appointment of an astute quantity surveyor to supervise the activities of the BPP in the last few years, as doing the needful and the right thing has become the other of the day.

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Aside reforms and regulatory activities of the body, the routine enforcement carried on government Ministries, Departments and Agencies had become a guiding principle for government offices.

It is now a norm for government MDA’s to seek not only advises, but clarification on the status of job execution, distribution and allocation to ensure sanity and probity in all ramifications backed up with approvals.

With these positive development, the business of government over the years had been redefined to sane conduct, laced with a high template of procurement process devoid of any sharp practices.

In synergy with recognized and genuine CSO’s, NGO’s and other organs charged with overseeing the activities of public procurement process, the BPP had provided a solid foundation that will avoid fraud, diversion and duplication in the activities of government.

No doubt, in the last few years under the management of Mamman Ahmadu FNIQS, aside bringing the practical experience in surveying into management of BPP, the administrative, technocratic and bureaucratic experiences and exposure had brought needful changes in the Bureau.

With the current leadership, the needless agitations and connivances had little or no effect on the activities of the new BPP , geared towards delivering it’s mandate across the country.

Written BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF, A Public Affairs Analyst on

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